Andrzej Baranski Madrigal

Assistant Professor of Economics, New York University Abu Dhabi

B.A. Economics, Universidad de Costa Rica, 2009

M.A. Economics, Ohio State University, 2010

Ph.D. Economics, Ohio State University, 2015

I am currently assistant professor of economics at New York University Abu Dhabi. My fields of specialization are Microeconomic Theory, IO, and Experimental Economics. I am interested in building and testing models to better understand phenomena such as multilateral bargaining, contracting, and incentive provision in groups. Some of my current research focuses on the timing or profit-sharing agreements with respect to productive decisions in partnerships, teams, or firms. I study the trade-off between productive and rent-seeking activities that might arise in human organizations and mechanisms to promote efficiency in such settings. Topics: Collective Decision-Making; Bargaining Games; Experimental Economics; Behavioral Economics; Industrial Organization; Experimental Political Economy.