​"Bargaining over property rights with endogenous production". September 2019.

"Efficient coordination through ex post negotiations" (with Nikos Nikiforakis). (New version underway)

"Communication in multilateral bargaining with joint production" (with Caleb Cox). November 2019.

"The Determinants of Multilateral Bargaining: A Comprehensive Analysis of Baron and Ferejohn Majoritarian Bargaining Experiments" (With Rebecca Morton). January 2020. 

Andrzej Baranski Madrigal

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"Majoritarian Bargaining over Budgetary Divisions and Policy" (with Nicholas Haas and Rebecca Morton)

"Gender composition of Committees in Multilateral Bargaining" (with Diogo Geraldes, Ada Kovaliukaite, and James Tremewan)

​"Durable versus Temporary Proposal Rights" (with Ernesto Reuben)

​"Endogenous claims and collective production: an experimental study on the timing of profit-sharing negotiations and production." Experimental Economics 22.4 (2019): 857-884.  

 "Voluntary contributions and collective redistribution.American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 8.4 (2016): 149-73.

​"Communication in legislative bargaining.Journal of the Economic science Association 1.1 (2015): 59-71. (with John. H. Kagel)