At Ohio State University (2010-2015)‚Äč

1. Business and Government (Bachelor): In this course I provided students with a theoretical framework with which to understand how changes in government regulation (taxes, subsidies, pollution quotas, antitrust laws) affect businesses' productive decisions. We studied incentives to lobby and generate favorable regulation.

2. The American Revenue System (Bachelor): This was mainly a course on public finance and taxation with emphasis on the American Fiscal System. I taught it during the 2012 presidential campaign so an essential part of course was to study the different tax cuts Proposed by Obama and Romney as well as the focus of their government spending. 

At Maastricht University (2015-2018)

1. Behavioral Economics (Bachelor): We cover individual decision-making (violations of expected utility theory, time inconsistent preferences) and provided behavioral theories that better explain commonly observed phenomena. We also analyze models of other-regarding preferences, experiments on coordination in games with multiple equilibria, and level-k reasoning. The main topics are motivated via in-class experiments.

2. Internet Economics (Masters):  This course covers two-sided markets, networks, price discrimination and auctions with direct applications to internet-based businesses and activities.

Andrzej Baranski Madrigal

Here you will find a list of courses that I currently teach at Maastricht University and other courses that I taught while a graduate student at Ohio State.